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Casual summer trends for men

This month’s sartorial upgrades include cool bags and belts

Added 17:32 | 1 July 2013
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    Striped polo shirt from Boggi for Dh375; Pocket square from Paul Smith for Dh395; Belt from Lacoste for Dh275; Trilby from Lacoste for Dh275; Chinos from Lacoste for Dh450; Trainers from Lacoste for Dh312; Leather wallet from Paul Smith for Dh695; Travel bag from Coach for Dh1,900.

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Pair autumnal brown chinos with dark blue accessories if you’re a slave to denim (what man isn’t?) and want to try something a bit different. A trilby gives the look a bit of added panache, while the bag is ideal for the beach or carrying through airports. Blue is the footwear colour of the moment, with shoes and hybrid trainers found in every hue. This Lacoste pair is versatile enough to pack in your holiday suitcase, and enables you to smarten up or go ultra-casual. Throw in a multicoloured pocket square to breathe life into any blazer.


Wash light-coloured fabric belts (because they’ll look grubby over time) in the washing machine but put them in a laundry bag to protect clothes from the buckle.