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This month: the mini Swiss Army knife

Craig Hawes
Added 00:00 | 18 February 2016
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There are Swiss Army Knives that you take camping – the jumbo ones featuring cork-screws, tin openers, screw-drivers and all manner of contraptions – and there is the infinitely more pocketable mini version that is an indispensable part of a man’s grooming arsenal. This is the Victorinox ‘classic’ model featuring nothing more than a toothpick, scissors, tweezers, nail file and, of course, a small blade. The scissors are the perfect size for snipping away unsightly nostril hair (I once knew a man whose protruding nasal foliage began to merge with his moustache – disgusting!), while it’s also handy for cutting off stray threads on your clothes. In the absence of clippers, you can even trim your nails with it. The tweezers are equally useful, proving more than adequate for teasing out ingrowing beard hairs and plucking out the odd splinter. We at alpha don’t condone fastidious eyebrow-plucking in a man, but if you’ve got an untamed monobrow to prune, what the heck! Go for it. At Dh90 this essential tool is a (pardon the pun) snip.

Craig Hawes

By Craig Hawes

Deputy Editor