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Football boots for ‘The Engine’ player

A football boot designed specifically for the players that’s always running box to box.

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Added 16:53 | 11 June 2013
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Adidas says the Nitrocharge, its new football boot, has been designed specifically for the ‘The Engine’ player, someone who is always running, tackling and powering his team ahead. Not Cristiano Ronaldo then. Think Daniel De Rossi, Dani Alves or Champions League winner Javi Martinez. According to the sportswear giant, the boot is designed to help these engine players react quickly on the pitch and features a spring technology that provides energy during the toe-off phase when sprinting. The boot also features a protection mesh layer around the foot and pads around the most sensitive tackle zones such as the Achilles Tendon.
Available in stores now. Dh945

Staff Report

Staff Report