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Game reviews: June 2013

Fantasy, sci-fi, shoot 'em ups. We've got the games covered

By Arafaat Ali Khan
Added 13:44 | 19 June 2013
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Injustice: The mighty among us

Injustice has been a long time in the making. And hyped up too, in most parts due to the fact that it is chock full of the DC Universe’s finest. A Mortal Kombat style fighter, it was a bit worrying in the lead up because it had the possible stigma of just being another clone. Turns out that it is actually one of the best fighting games to see the light of day..

Injustice is the first in a new fighting game franchise that actually has you play through an original story featuring a large cast of DC Comics icons such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Superman and many more. Set in a world where the lines between good and evil can often be blurred, players get a chance to experience heroes and villains engaging in battles on an epic scale. Each fight is followed by a cut scene that leads up the next battle meaning things never get stale. There’s a lot more single player content here as well with the independent character battles and S.T.A.R. Lab mission of which there are many. Safe to say, that a new competitor has most definitely entered the ring.
-- Nitin Nair

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel
The franchise has all the markings of a big-action Hollywood blockbuster, but like so many big-screen sequels, The Devil’s Cartel seems to be lacking a lot of what made its predecessor special. While new modes are included, many of the series’ best aspects seem to have been removed, which is a strange move indeed.

Forza Horizon 1,000 club
Still one of the best racing games out there, Forza Horizon breathes new life into a pretty old game. This game adds new challenges for every car available to drive in Forza Horizon, giving you renewed purpose if you have finished everything else in the game and are just driving around aimlessly challenging random cars.


Gears of war: Judgment
Judgment takes place 14 years before the original Gears and just after the essential event of the GoW universe, Emergence Day. It is a return to the basics, capturing the true essence of Gears combat. The gameplay is faster-paced than what came before. This time there is no Marcus – you fight from the perspective of the Kilo Squad, led by fan-favourite Damon Baird, battling ferocious new enemies with an expanded arsenal of weapons. The story is told in part through a series of flashbacks and yes, don’t worry, you get to play as the Cole Train! An interesting mechanic is the option to play the campaign levels of Judgment as presented, or increase the difficulty by declassifying critical information with the new Declassified Testimony system. Looks like this franchise still has legs – and I for one am keen on seeing where it goes from here.

Bioshock: Infinite
Thrust into the year 1912, you take on the role of former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, who has travelled to the city of Columbia on a rescue mission. Your target is Elizabeth, a young woman imprisoned since childhood. While the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth is key, Columbia is the real star here. It is an absolutely amazing place to explore, with shops, statues, airships and so much more. The vigour power-ups from the previous series make a welcome return, but seem depowered slightly, which isn’t such a bad thing in the setting of the game. Another welcome addition is the skyline rails that you travel on, which make for fluid, exciting action. There are many games that are criticised for style over substance, but Bioshock is a gem because it has both in spades. 

By Arafaat Ali Khan

By Arafaat Ali Khan