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Get into the game, literally

XD Dark Ride is a 7D gaming experience that drops you in the middle of all the action

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Added 14:18 | 4 June 2013
  • XD Dark Ride

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  • XD Dark Ride

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You’ll never look at your gaming console the same way again. The first of its kind in the Middle East, the XD Dark Ride is 7D interactive gaming experience like no other. Imagine being immersed in a 3D first person shoot ‘em up game that that grabs you by the scruff of your neck and pulls you right in. Each game may last about five minutes, but trust us; you’ll be begging for a breather by the time its over.

Three-dimensional (3D) movie graphics and 4D effects like motion, wind, and light transports players directly into a 3D movie in which they play gaming characters. Hosted in a private theatre with a giant screen and surround sound, eight gaming seats are mounted on motion platforms that perform up to 400 movements per second and can mimic top speeds of up to 2G in acceleration.

The ride turns conventional gaming on its head by combining 3D graphics, state-of-the-art motion technology and multi-player gaming. Gamers have the option of immersing themselves in a range of movies including Banditos, Forbidden Mine, Zombies and Pirates in XD interactive formats. In these short films, gamers will experience the feeling of free-falling down raging rapids, the adrenaline rush of escaping in a high speed car, crashes, tailspins and more. All this while competing for the top score.

And at Dh20 per pop, nobody can begrudge your sudden hatred for the gaming console now. Head out to Magic Planet at Mall of the Emirates to check out XD Dark Ride.

Staff Report

Staff Report